Nowadays we don’t even hesitate “to Google” something.  After all, we can find almost everything on it, so the necessity of your business to be well positioned is unquestionable. But how can you influence in your position in Google’s ranking?

The most commonly used search engines uses specific algorithms to analyze the quality of the websites available in the web. Many factors are considered when ranking a website, such as the good using of images and keywords, a good internal and external browsing experience, good layout, etc. You get everything needed with a service knowns as SEO.

Otimização de Sites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Is a term made by Multimedia Marketing Group (MMG), a group that studies the ranking of websites in the search results. Since then, other agencies have helped in the growth and improvement of the technique that is almost a foolproof system when the topic is the necessity to escalate the rankings on Google and others search engines.

But how it helps my business?

Differently from the paid ad, that makes your website appear in the first spot anyway, organically ranked websites usually tend to inspire more reliability to possible clients. Both of them can be used simultaneously, but if there’s ever a necessity to choose, it is extremely advisable to invest in the organic ranking.

As said before, people search for everything they want on Google, and if you want to be one of the best options presented to the people that search for keywords related to your products, business and company, a good SEO planning is essential.

It might seem like easy work, but it really isn’t. The most efficient SEO techniques have been studied for years, what help guaranteeing great results when done by people who know what they’re doing, just like our staff. In Alafia, we dedicate a good part of our time to study the diverse techniques available in the market to benefit our clients.

In our optimization process, the quantity and quality of the texts and images are the topics on which we set our biggest efforts, because they are, unquestionably, the greater criteria considered by the search engines. Besides, some other considered factors are:

  • Technical quality: a good setup is essential for the website to work as it is supposed to. The biggest search engines, such as Google, possess specific systems that analyze in detail the performance of each website, so they can suggest the websites that offers the best possible experience.
  • Speed: once more, the user’s experience is take into consideration. Even though some additional seconds of loading might seem harmless for those who have good internet connection, who uses the 3G or 4G on the phone or that has a slower connection at home can have a bad experience in your website.
  • Interesting content: In addition to being optimized for search engines, your texts must also be attractive for your potential clients. To do so, we have professionals specialized in writing texts for the most diverse areas, managing to create interesting texts that are also attractive for search engines.
  • Navigation: one of the most important elements considered by search engines is the internal navigation on the website. For that reason, it is important to guarantee that all pages are interconnected through the text itself, images, or even sidebars. When well organized and thought out, navigation can greatly improve user’s experience inside your website.
  • Social Networks: even though they might not exactly be considered for the ranking itself, have an active social accounts with good content helps to improve your brand in the digital world. To know more about that, check out our Facebook Marketing page.
  • Source code: systems and codes are updated constantly, and maintain a website fully functional and updated is an important step to guarantee a good position in Google’s rankings.

These are just some elements to consider while doing a SEO analysis of a website. The process also involves performance analysis and other techniques that are used by our trained professionals here at Alafia.

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