The amount of people who uses internet for researching, shopping and job searching purposes has been getting higher and higher over the years. By showing up as one of the first positions in the search engines rankings, you can multiply the access to your website.
We’re living on a multi-platform world. All the time people access the internet through different devices, so if you want your website to be available to different screen sizes, it must be prepared to do so.

We are specialized in designing responsive and optimized websites!

All of our websites are done on WordPress, a platform totally prepared for the SEO techniques and that gives total autonomy to the user in case it wants to make any changes or content updates. For that, we provide a personalized user and password.

To create layouts, we prioritize the client’s objectives and needs. We work with professionalism and meet deadlines, always resulting in successful and functional projects.

The creation process of a quality website.

Designing a website is not as simple as it might seem. It goes beyond just pressing some buttons and, in a blink of an eye, appearing at the top of Google’s rankings.

It is essential to understand more about the steps taken to develop a fast and optimized website.

Customer Briefing

Knowing what the client wants is the essential step to start the website project. The briefing, is a research along with the in order to collect as many data as we can for the creation process. In the briefing, we ask important questions about the service/product, its target audience, the history of the company, its values, etc.

All this is done in a crystal-clear way, so that the client doesn’t fell lost during the designing process of the website and to give us a direction about what really is our goal.


Before we start designing, the first thing to be done is build the client’s visual concept. This includes using the client’s visual identity and all other textual and visual content provided by the client. It is important to have that, because that’s how we can compose the website in a welcoming way, making our visitor feel comfortable and interested in our client’s business.

In case you don’t have any content or a visual identity, we have professionals that can create all of them, based on the briefing previously done. Your own copyrighted photos on the website helps getting the user’s trust, but if you don’t have it, we can always use free images available online.

Good textual content for a blog section is important to be recognized by Google’s search engines, besides providing a more direct and personal interaction with your target audience so that they can know more about your business.

Setting up the website on the server

Now, let’s get started!

But before that, we have to set up the website so it can go online. To do that, we host the domain on the server, create a database and then install WordPress, the platform in which the website it going to be developed.

After the installation, we update WordPress and activate security plug-ins that can protect the website from invasions and hackers, providing high level security for your website. During this process, if something goes wrong, we can restore a previous version of the system.

Designing the Website

We work with themes that have many templates for your choice.

We value the quality on each page, always thinking about the right amount of text necessary to result in a good placing in Google’s organic searches.

We always think about the visual hierarchy, navigation experience and image optimization, so that your website does not end up with any loading issue.

We also install Google Analytics on the website so we can have information about how many people access it, how long their visits last, among other aspects.

Wrap up

By this final stage, we analyze the whole website looking for possible errors and bugs to correct them. We also check links, language and forms, so users don’t have to face problems that might compromise their experience.

Voilá! Your website is ready to go online and receive many new customers!

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