Besides providing a good service, your business must have a good and strong visual identity to be noticed by clients. This identity is achieved through logo designing, that are stylized images and texts that identify your business.

There are many options in the logo designing, such as:

Logotype: in this case, we work with a stylized word. It is a good choice for business that already have famous names and are known by the public, because it makes your clients recognize you faster. Among the most known companies that use this style are: Google, Sony, Coca-Cola, etc.;

Symbol: in this case, you choose a symbol that represents well your business, like Apple’s apple, Puma’s puma, etc.;

Logo: this option combines the two examples above and, together, create a complete visual identity for your brand. Examples of logo include Adidas, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, etc.

Here at Alafia, we have well trained professionals who are able to develop great visual identities that will increase your business’ recognition, bringing success and better results.

Check out below some visual identities created by us: