What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords’ name comes from “advertising words” and it is a way to sponsor links and generate good traffic for your website through specific keywords.


Google AdWords Benefits

icone_seja_encontradoDo not look for clients, let them find you!
Your ad will show up for whoever searches for your products and/or services, it means that only people who are already interested in what you can offer will see it, raising the odds of that person actually doing business with you. As said before, the ads are created based on keywords related to your business.

icone_busca_regional2Announce in your area.
Small and medium-sized enterprises are usually local, so announcing for the entire country is basically throwing money away. To avoid that, we can set your ads to air only in your province, region or city.

icone_aumente_visibilidadeIncrease your visibility
According to data disclosed by statista, almost 70% of the researches in Canada are done through Google, so showing up in the first place of these rankings are certainly going to increase the visibility of your business.

icone_venda_maisSell more!

With all this segmentation, you will have more people that are really interested in your product/service, consequently generating more sales.

Count on us so that your product is found by who actually searches for it, boosting your sales!

Plans that fits in your pocket.
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For new clients, Google offers a value in credit so you can try the service. Reach out to us and learn more!

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With the campaigns rolling we monitor the results and we keep a constant improvement process.

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