By 2017, Facebook had almost 1.5 billion registered users. That represents half of the 3 billion people that have day-to-day access to the internet, according to the UN. In Canada, by 2017, 18.6 million people have active accounts in Zuckerberg’s social network. Based on all that, we can affirm that, if you want your business to grow financially and popularly, it has to be on Facebook, and we can help you with that.

Facebook is an amazing tool for digital marketing that might bring success and recognition for your business. A good digital management can make a successful company.

But, as in any other digital tool, the creation and implementation of strategies is essential. The online management of a company goes beyond creating a simple page and uploading nice pictures with catchphrases. To successfully manage and make a page grow, it is important to have knowledge on content creation, monitoring results and data measurement. And that’s why we’re here.

Here at Alafia, one of our specialties is the management of Facebook pages. In addition to creating posts with interesting texts and dynamic images, we have a lot of experience working with Facebook Ads.

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What is Facebook Ads?

When you have a certain amount of likes on your page and you post something, Facebook, strategically, only exhibits that content for a small portion of the people who liked your page. This happens because one of the biggest old complaints in the social network was that the users’s timelines were full of ads and non-relevant content. To solve this problem, Facebook’s technicians have developed an algorithm that selects what is relevant for the user and it’s in this stage that your content can be barred and not reach your audience.

That was when a new demand arose. Page owners wanted their content to reach their audience and Zuckerberg spotted a new profit opportunity – And Facebook Ads was born! It is, briefly, a way to make page owners pay to have their content distributed. This type of promotion is, usually, done through posts and that’s what we’re specialized on.

When setting up the ads, inexperienced people simply boost their content without even understanding what they’re doing and ultimately end up basically throwing money away. For a Facebook campaign to work properly, segmentation techniques are required.

amamos-social6What is Segmentation?

As said above, lay people, not knowing anything about this area, simply boost their posts or page and expect miracles to happen. It is clear that some results might come from this, but why profit only 10% if you can profit 200%?

Segmentation is a technique used during the creation of the promotion campaign. It isn’t a simple boost, because through segmentation it is possible to make a pretty specific selection of who’s going to see your ad. By registering in the social network, people are obliged to reveal basic data, such as gender, age, place and other. It is based on that that Facebook selects content to show them, creating target audiences.

In addition to these basic information, Facebook also has access to, probably, everything you do both in and outside it. So, it knows what you comment about cute kittens, about movies you’re excited to see, make-ups you want to learn, etc. But that’s also how we can segment even more the content that are going to be shown to you.

All this work must be done with a lot of research and data analysis, because of the many variables involved in the process. When done by who know what they’re doing, Facebook Marketing benefits the user and, nowadays, is an essential service for those who wish to survive and win the competition in the online world.

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